SAT 15TH APRIL 2023 – The Wray Hotel, Fremantle

Put on your platform boots and prepare to be dazzled as you party On and On And On with ABBASALUTELY! Ring, ring all your friends and send out an SOS to the dance floor! Fans, Take A Chance and break out your flares and hot pants, feather boas and glitter! Grab Chiquitita and do your best Dancing Queen moves along with Anna and Frida. Mamma Mia you can dance, you can jive, but can you here the drums Fernando! That’s Stig the stickman keeping the beat while Benny and Bjorn get the crowd chanting,Rock Me!

Masters of the scene, ABBASALUTELY! will captivate and entertain you until it is time to say So Long…

Tickets available through


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