Purple Haze

Purple Haze is fast becoming a very popular Peel Region and Perth cover band. The original band formed years ago – playing gigs for hotels and private functions. In late 2009 Haze decided to revive the band, bringing their magic to an entirely new audience.

What prompted the band to come together again? Three of the guys had been performing for years as solo acts or as part of a duo, with recorded computer backing making them sound like a band. Yet they felt that they were lacking the charisma of a working band with all its personalities.

Another factor helping them make their decision is the way that DJ’s, solo acts and duos have almost taken over live music. Although great for certain venues, there is nothing quite like the fun and action of a real band performing and reacting with an audience.

The band is very versatile; playing from a repetoire of hits from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and a couple from the 80’s and 90’s. They aren’t just a guitar band either; the band features strong vocal harmonies, leads from guitar, sax and trumpet backed up by a driving rhythm section of bass and drums. Haze has brought pleasure to listeners and dancers at many venues, who enjoy hearing their favourite songs performed authentically.

Purple Haze covers many different musical genres from vintage rock ‘n’ roll to swing, latin, country, country rock, doo wop and blues rock.

Purple Haze’s line-up is:
Robbie: lead guitar (electric /acoustic), vocals
Greg (Bazz): sax, trumpet, rhythm guitar, vocals
Harry (Haz): bass, lead guitar, vocals
Nige: drums, vocals

To bring your function to life what better than to have a real live band performing hits from the late 50s all the way to the 90s?

Check out Purple Haze’s Setlist.
Listen to  Purple Haze’s Demo.

Check them out on  youtube

For bookings, call us!

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