The Musicantes are a group of up to 4 singers accompanied by a Piano Accordionist. They have performed at many venues throughout the State including The Quarry Amphitheatre, Perth Concert Hall, The Entertainment Centre, Fremantle Festival (Opera from the Balcony), Northbridge Festival, Forest Place, and both Kalgoorlie and Leonora Centennials, as well as many restaurants (table entertainment) and floorshows at Balls and Private Functions. Interviews have been given with three radio stations including Ted Bull from the ABC, who have also made recordings of songs for inclusion in their “Music Deli” programme.

They offer a wide range of music, including Opera, Operetta, Musical Comedy, French, Italian and German Ballads, as well as popular songs and light-hearted comedy.

The background of the Musicantes is largely Operatic. Guiseppe Bertinazzo, the founder of the group, is a former International Tenor and has performed on many operatic stages throughout the world. Salvatore Gagliardi has been a soloist with both the New Zealand and Western Australian Opera Companies, Angelo Bona has also been a soloist in WA Opera productions and includes Theatre and Cabaret in his background. Trish Pritchard has her roots in Theatre, and has also performed in Cabaret and Musical Comedy Productions.

Maestro Vic Bianco has played both keyboards and piano accordion with many Perth bands, and Violinist Henryk Palinski, an exciting and talented soloist, is a member of the WA Symphony Orchestra.

NB. The violinist is optional – but highly recommended.

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