Juliet’s Diary

Juliet’s Diary are a professional and entertaining duo with world-class female lead vocals and harmonies set to acoustic guitar, percussion, harmonica and Irish tin whistle. Juliet’s Diary suit a wide range of events and venues, providing either laid-back music to enjoy in the background, or upbeat music to keep you dancing the night away. The girls play songs to suit every occasion, covering popular hit songs by great artists from the ‘60s to today. Cindy and Sue’s love of the music they cover shines through in their energetic and high-quality performances. And with their warm and engaging personalities and playful humour every show is a lot of fun!

Juliet’s Diary are:

Cindy Dean
Cindy grew up in a family of musicians and performers and from early on developed a love of singing harmonies. She spent several years singing in choirs and honed her entertainment skills through dancing, singing, figure skating and performing. Over the last 18 years she has worked in several bands including popular all-female trio Strawberry Jam in the ‘90s, and as a tribute artist (ABBA, Dusty Springfield and Gloria Estefan).

Sue Johnson
Sue developed her ear for music studying the intricate and complex harmonies of artists like ABBA, ELO, the Beach Boys and Fleetwood Mac. She has played with several bands over the past 15 years, becoming known for encapsulating the sound and feel of singers like Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders), Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac),  Deborah Harry (Blondie) and Sheryl Crow. She has performed her own original music
at several gigs including Triple J Unearthed.

Juliet’s Diary have played at numerous venues around Perth, namely: Fraser’s Restaurant, Burswood Theatre, Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, Rendezvous Observation City, the Windsor and the Esplanade. They have also performed at weddings, private parties and corporate functions. In addition to performing covers, the duo write and perform their own original songs.

For events requiring more up-tempo music drummer Terry Vinci from SCiZZORMAN can join Juliet’s Diary to round off a contemporary acoustic trio you will want to hear
all night long!

Check out Juliet’s Diary’s Setlist
Listen to Juliet’s Diary’s demo.
For bookings, call us!

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