Blue Monk

From Thelonius Monk to Fats Waller and Tom Waits to the Beatles, expect to hear some interesting arrangements from the Blue Monk Quartet, led by guitarist Kim Anning. Quality musicianship from these four talented instrumentalists will have your toes tapping and your ears pricked with a vast repertoire of Tin Pan Alley standards from Cole Porter, Gershwin, Richard Rogers, Irving Berlin and Johny Mercer to name a few. Plenty of Benny Goodman/Charlie Christian and Django Reinhardt as well.

They have a large selection of contemporary jazz to choose from, such as Thelonius Monk, Horace Silver, Dave Brubeck and Nat Adderly. Retro pop and rock from Ray Charles, Beatles, Creedence, Carol King, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits is also an option!
Perfect for background music with mostly instrumentals, or foreground with vocals. And don’t forget the soppy ballads and songs about love for that special day!
Line up can be adjusted to suit your needs: Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartet, Quintet or Septet.

TRIO LINE UP: Guitar/Voice, Clarinet/Sax, Double Bass
QUARTET LINE UP: Guitar/Voice, Clarinet/Sax, Double Bass, Drums
QUINTET LINE UP: Guitar/Voice, Clarinet/Sax, Trumpet, Double Bass, Drums
SEPTETLINE UP: Guitar/Voice, Clarinet/Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, Double Bass, Drums.

Check out Blue Monk’s Setlist.
Listen to Blue Monk’s Demo.

For bookings, call us!

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