10696187_10152370521961608_5134171875159419588_nWhat do you get when the worlds of Six Professional Muso’s merge? You guessed it – Pure adrenalin fueled Rock ‘n Roll ……..and that is Dakota. But this isn’t your average band.  Spawned from a number of professional ‘originals’ Acts both here and overseas, Dakota is an eclectic mix of Classic Rock and Soul in its purest sense. Their pedigree is obvious, and the Rock rocks. But Dakota isn’t on the American pop-punk bandwagon. That’s what separates them from the rest. This ain’t no one-trick pony either. A brawling guitar, a rhythm section that could level a cell block, keys and vocal harmonies that will leave you breathless. Dakota delivers an onslaught of sound to quench the thirstiest punters of Rock and Soul. So if you’re looking for a band that delivers then look no further. Rejoice in the Tunes that forged nations, just as you would expect to hear it .

Dakota boast a great selection of songs, Professional PA and Lighting, a good Professional attitude, and a Fun atmosphere that can make your event something to remember!
Dakota are:
Terry:  Lead vocals
Michael:  Bass/Bv’s
Danielle:  Vocals
Darren:  Lead Guitar/Bv’s
Mark:  Drums
Niki:  Keyboards


Listen to Dakota’s version of “Let Me Entertain You”

or watch them performing on Telethon 2014

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