Frank and Brutally Honest

Seeking a reliable, experienced, professional, fun, entertaining and energetic act for your personal or corporate party, function, fundraiser or other event? Look no further – as we cover a heap of the most cherished material spanning several decades of ROCK – BLUES – R’n’B – SOUL! We work hard to ensure your event is a great night! Self-equipped with either a vocal or full-range PA system to cater for any size room or outdoor area, we also provide music in between our performance sets. And don’t forget – when a more subdued ambience and less volume is just the thing, please ask for our acoustic show. We’re happy to discuss your requirements to your full satisfaction. This most experienced four piece comprises:
Frank Genovesi – Lead vocals and guitar – performed for many years on three continents receiving TV and radio exposure in Australia, the USA and France with excellent reviews. He has enjoyed a successful career to date including two original albums to his credit and many cover and tribute bands.

Henk Langendoen – Guitar & Vocals – a true gunslinger of the guitar. From slick and soulful to powerful and soaring, he covers it all and backs it up with some fine lead vocals and sizzling harmonies, has been in about 7,000 bands.

Jim Awrum – Bass & Vocals. – playing with rare mastery, a seasoned pro and one of the finer players to grace our city, has been in at least 8,500 bands.

Tommy G – Drums. – plays it hard or soft , swings it or rocks it and does so well what every great drummer does – lays down time and groove so the band kicks. Tommy has been in somewhere between 12,000 and 15,000 bands.

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