Doctor Velvet Band

DoctoGarryHoranr Velvet plays retro rockin’ blues, boogie, swing amd swamp from the 60s to 80s greats.

Guitarist and lead vocals Garry Horan says ‘We see ourselves as a blues band but incorporate a mixture of a lot of different styles.’

DrewHaswellGarry’s 70s bluesy heavy guitar is supported by a tight side-order of bass and drums from Drew Haswell (thump room) and Josh Whittle (kick-ass room).

The band members are very stage experienced, having played around Perth in many bands – including Bad Penny, Bluetongue, Dangerous Goods, GearJammer, Gristle Kings, Kerosene Lane, Ross River and the Fevers and the Jackie Moon Trio.

JoshWhittleDRV’s music is a raw and honest brand of ‘Roadhouse Blues’ played with killer vintage tone and classic vibe.  DRV plays from the full rock blues catelogue, eg. Allman Bros, Angels, Arc Angels, Cale, CCR, Chain, Chisel, Cigars, Cream, Doors, Dylan, Floyd, Gallagher, Hendrix, Moore, Rea, Purple, Petty, Shepherd, SRV, Bad Company, Queen, Steppenwolf, Stones, Walsh, Young, ZZ Top and the list goes on….

DRV uses some of the best instrument and sound amplification available and is ready to rock-out your hotel, tavern, sports event, corporate function and celebration party. You can check them out at

Check out their song list – DRV SETS JUN 2015 (2)

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