Easy Company the Band

92EFC665-4BF8-4771-8846-7958B1363614Easy Company is a 5 piece cover band with a line-up of highly experienced and well versed musicians, including a female vocalist, playing rock and roll dance music from the 1960’s through to the current era.

With four of the members providing lead vocals, the band is able to cover songs by many different artists and to produce impressive two and three part harmonies.

The line-up is:

Craig Hewitt Keyboards, Lead and backing vocals
Graeme Ford: Guitar, Lead and backing vocals
Terry Sale: Bass guitar, Lead and backing vocals
Cara Flynn: Lead & backing vocals, percussion
Graham Tassicker: Drums and percussion

The band’s dynamic and versatile repertoire includes 80s classic Rock Dance tunes including artists INXS, Amy Winehouse, CCR, Fleetwood Mac, Tina Turner, Dire Straits, Doobie Bros, and plenty of hit songs we all know and love to party too!

Each of the members has several decades of experience and their music appeals to a wide audience. It is well suited to corporate shows, private functions, pub gigs and any occasion where the audience enjoys great rock and roll dance music.

Listen to their Demo Below:

For bookings, call us!

One response to “Easy Company the Band

  1. If Paul Watson of Easy Company could get in touch with John Carter in relation to the passing of Les Gardiner would be much appreciated. 0438 512 244 or fbyc.trading@bigpond.com Regards John

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