Swamp Donkey

If you’re looking for a party band to raise the roof – SWAMP DONKEY are it !
SWAMP DONKEY are enough of a kick-ass, AC/DC lovin’ guitar band to bring out the rocker in everyone, with enough fun, charm and good humour to create a peace-lovin’ atmosphere.
SWAMP DONKEY gigs kick-off with some stompin’ CREEDENCE and PAUL KELLY style songs which get the girls up and dancing. Then the rock’n’roll cranks up with the likes of ROLLING STONES and AUSSIE CRAWL. By the end of the night, everyone’s rockin’ to AC/DC, ANGELS and ROSE TATTOO. Even the most hardened bar-fly’s are noddin’ and tappin’ along.

Ideally suited to 40 – 50 year age-group birthdays, weddings and parties, SWAMP DONKEY’s style and song choice encourage everyone to join in and enjoy themselves.

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