Kevan James

As a singer and guitarist Kevan has played in Perth for 20 years and in that time has played in a number of different bands and Genres.  He’s played in a 3 piece bush band before they were known as Mucky Duck, a 5 piece M.O.R. called Main Street, an Elvis tribute band (Elvis Essentially) and the Memphis Mood, a full 9 piece setup (Steve Bumback – known for his charity work)

In more recent times he has had a 3 piece set up ( 2 guys, 1 girl ) doing country and M.O.R. songs, known as ‘Stuck in the Middle’. This became ‘The Broughton Brothers’ when they lost the girl and became a country Duo, playing mostly in sport & social clubs in the metro area.
In late 2005 Kevan decided to add a solo option, and is now concentrating on up-tempo country/country rock music with customized backing tracks.
He can easily fit into any venue at any time and provide good, up-tempo country dance music at a very low price. Music by Garth Brooks, Lone Star, Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn, Steve Earl and Randy Travis to name but a few, will certainly get the feet tapping.

Kevan is also in a duo called Vision with his fantastically voiced partner Ruth. The pair are always well recieved and can play for almost any occasion.

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