Preston King

Preston King ~ Jazz, Blues, R&B

Preston King’s career as a professional Guitar/Vocalist includes singing and playing guitar in bands and as a solo performer in London, Perth, and The Gold Coast.

As a high-energy live solo performer Preston has the capacity to entertain large crowds as well as smaller venues.  Preston can rock the house with a big sound playing electric guitar and using backing music as an accompaniment (virtually taking the place of a whole band on his own) to get people up and dancing, or keep things quieter and more laid-back with his great acoustic sound – however the mood suggests and what is required at any particular venue.  He has a very extensive repertoire of hundreds of popular songs covering the years from the ‘50s onwards – to contemporary, current songs.  Genres and styles cover a wide range through Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Country, R&B & Soul.Preston King, bow-tie & Guitar 4b

Currently residing in Perth, Australia, Preston King is available to perform as a solo artist at hotels, clubs, restaurants, parties, weddings, corporate functions and concerts.

Preston is also available as a duo or band.

For more info and music from Preston, have a look at his Myspace Page.

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