Carnaby Street

DSC_010 low res cropCarnaby Street Duo commenced playing in September 2012 and features husband and wife team, Judi and David. Both have extensive experience in the music industry in WA and have also played overseas together in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Borneo.

Judi first started playing music in early 1969 with a cabaret band called Trends which she ran till 1989. The repertoire in this line-up covered everything from Top 40 to standards and the genres of rock and roll, pop and jazz. The band played all over WA, including the North-West, in a variety of venues including hotels, sporting clubs and corporate shows. In her travels she also made impromptu appearances with bands in Auckland, London and Switzerland.
David first started playing music in bands in 1967 with Concordes which was a Top 40 band playing mostly private shows. He then joined Copper Mist in Albany, WA playing at hotels and cabarets for service clubs in the town and surrounding districts. In 1981 he moved back to Perth where he formed a band that would become one of the line-ups for Graffiti, playing once again, hotels and cabarets. He then formed Silhouettes and Renegades , both of which were cabaret bands playing the British music of the 60s.

In 1990 Judi and David formed a country rock band called Roustabouts playing at hotels and country music venues around Perth. This was followed up with the Judi Damon Band also playing country rock. In 1995 the original 5 member line-up of Carnaby Street was formed. This was followed by a second line-up of 6 members playing British 60s music at many hotels and cabarets around Perth. In 2012, the duo Carnaby Street was formed. to play primarily baby boomer music from the 60s through to the 80s. Judi sings both lead and harmony and plays flute. David also sings both lead and harmony and plays guitar. Carnaby Street has played regular and repeat gigs in and around Perth over the past few months.

See their Song List

Listen to their Demo 

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