Hypno Oz Day 2Available as a four piece band including live drums:

HypnoCats perform Funk, Rock, Soul and Pop grooves.

With three lead singers, they give you a variety of vocals, with outstanding harmony arrangements and a funky repertoire ranging from 70’s classic R&B through to contemporary covers, as well as some excellent original songs. From Otis Redding to Anastacia, Doobie Brothers to Black Keys, and Bonnie Raitt to Amy Winehouse and Adele, there’s plenty of grooves to dance to and sweet sounds to listen to.

TRIO picAlso available as a trio with 3 vocalists, guitar, keyboard and bass, Al, Tami and Tom play live over pre-recorded drum-tracks to give you the full band sound in a more compact package.

Check out HypnoCats Songlist 2013

Listen to HypnoCats Demos:


Classic Grooves: 

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