Reload performs a mix of classics from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90′ and today’s top 40. All six members are well known and highly regarded in Perth’s local music scene, and all this talent comes together to perform a fantastic, fun entertaining band. Reload are suitable for almost any occasion; be it corporate functions, weekend nights at Pubs or taverns, or even private parties such as birthdays or weddings, Reload can provide you with a night of awesome entertainment!

Reload are:

  • Terry provides solid lead vocals for Reload. He’s been singing professionally for many years, and his dynamic range and energetic stage performance makes him a true lead singer.
  • Lisa is the lead female vocalist for Reload. With a background in rock and roll, jazz and pop music, she provides a fresh sound to the table with Reload.
  • Tony has been playing drums since he was 5, making him well known as a talented drummer. His infectious enthusiasm and energy adding something extra to Reload’s shows.
  • Andrew brings a lot of energy playing the guitar with Reload. He has performed locally for many years and his high energy and enthusiasm captivates the audience.
  • Derek plays bass for Reload and he also has a passion for guitar. Derek’s precision and timing on bass has provided Reload with a solid ground to base their music on.
  • Raphael has a mountain of experience in the industry. He’s an outstanding guitarist whose passion for playing guitar has lead to teaching others his craft..

So if you’re looking for a high energy and incredbly experienced band, look no further than Reload!

Check out Reload’s Setlist.
Listen to Reload’s demo.

For bookings, call us! 

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