Jaime Pepito

photo (6)Jaime’s career spans decades of experience as a professional musician. As guitarist/vocalist and lead singer of his band he has travelled and performed all around Europe and the major cities of Asia, along the way finding good friends and sharing good music. He then worked as a solo performer on numerous cruise ships before migrating to Perth, Western Australia.

Jaime currently performs in restaurants and clubs around the Perth suburbs and also does a lot of private gigs..

Jaime sings to backing tracks (providing the sound of a five piece band) and can photonew1either use electric guitars to get people up dancing or play acoustic guitar, allowing a laid-back crowd to relax and talk, enjoying dinner and drinks while listening to their favourite music. He has a wide variety of music that people really enjoy listening to, including Pop, Jazz, Ballads, R&B/Soul, Rock, Country and Oldtime Rock n’ Roll.

Jaime can also perform in a Duo, Trio or Five Piece Band.

Check out  Jaime’s Song List

Listen to his demo:

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