Sopranos Set to Shine in Special Show

Ten Sop HR copy

Friday 25 September 2015 – at the Astor Theatre.

In a world where bearded ladies win Eurovision, the guy next door wins talent shows and real people are not allowed to love real music. The Ten Sopranos are an act which command respect in both the classical and contemporary world.

Providing a musical feast to whet the appetite of true music fans of all ages, The Ten Sopranos’ impressive and far-reaching repertoire includes Nessun Dorma, The Prayer, Amigos Para Sempre, O Danny Boy, You Raise Me Up, A Hard Day’s Night, Aye Calypso, Granada, New York New York and many more of your favourite songs, sung in a way you’ve never heard before.

The Ten Sopranos, led by internationally renowned soprano Penny Pavlakis, known to her peers as “the singer’s singer”, who has trodden  the boards throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and of course her home Australia as a leading light in the classical and contemporary world, will be performing in Perth on Friday 25 September 2015 at the Astor Theatre.

The strength of this act is the meticulous detail spent on every note sung.ten sops press pic

Nessun Dorma and La Donna Mobile, are handled with perfection, and augmented with subtle new harmonies, while John Denver’s Aye Calypso and Peter Allen’s Don’t Cry Out Loud are “re-arranged”, and deliver a haunting and emotional experience through the sensitive vocal treatments. Not a dry eye in the house after the haunting rendition of Oh Danny Boy.

Since the forming of this troop in 2007, audiences have been so moved by the performances that some people have left the theatre in tears, others have left exhilarated, and others just loiter around the venue to savour the moment, a little longer.

Possibly the most powerful all-female group in Australia, they are an Act Once Seen Never Forgotten.

Featuring Special Guest: Jeremy Ryan (The Voice – Father of 7)

Tickets on sale now Stagetix (08) 9370 1777 – or go to
or Ticketek 132849

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